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Re: pbbuttonsd script interface - future?

Am Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2004 20:26 schrieb Guido Guenther:

> > I think this script system will be part of pbbuttonsd 0.6.0. It then has
> > a chance to prove itself under real conditions.
> It'd be great to have 0.6.X in debian soon, to have this tested by a
> broader audience and to split out the necessary things into
> powermgmt-base. Jan, any chances we see this soon, maybe in experimental?

I think so. I have just published pbbuttonsd 0.6.1, which only contains 
bugfixes to the script system and pbbuttonsd itself, no new features. I think 
this version could be stable for a while so I discussed with Jan to build 
official debian packages as soon as possible, solve all distribution related 
problems and try to push pbbuttonsd into the testing branch. I hope this will 
be possible.

From my side I slow down development now so that this process has enough time 
and won't be disturbed by new releases. I think this is possible because the 
last big bug on the list has been fixed recently and my todo list is nearly 
empty for now.

  Best Regards

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