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Re: Live-CD for PPC ?

Kristian Peters a écrit :

Does anybody know of a live-cd for powerpc ? (Maybe a ported Knoppix version or a less bloated or less colourful version ?)

I want to demonstrate someone that linux is a good alternative to OSX.
It's depends on what machine you want use for that.

A running port, buggy, is the knoppix-MiB-PPC-alpha-2e.iso. It's an old proof of concept, but it works on Imac CRT, on some ibooks, on my pmac nvidia. Old macs (> 1 or 2 years). Seems does not works on eMacs nor iMac TFT. screenshots are here: ftp://fynl@ftpperso.free.fr/K-MiB-PPC.

A work-in-progress-to-be-continued-when-i-have-time is k-mib-ppc-beta-preX. iso boots normally on all macs (G5 too). there is X autoconfigured to test, but no applications yet. This one has been used to install debian on G5, recently.



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