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Re: r128 and fullscreen (sdl?)

Michel Dänzer wrote:

On Sun, 2004-05-23 at 11:18, Lee Braiden wrote:
Is it possible to force SDL and other engines to use smaller ares on a 1024x768 screen (ie display 800x600 etc unscaled, with a big border), rather than trying to switch resolution?

You can try only setting up one mode in the Display subsection and/or
restricting the sync ranges in the Monitor section such that only one
mode fits.
I'd tried removing the lower resolutions before with no luck. But YES -- putting in the exact frequencies from xvidtune got it! Thanks a lot!

Might be worth mentioning this with the driver docs, by the way. Since r128 doesn't scale on iBooks, this is a really useful alternative :)

Lee Braiden

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