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2.6.6 on Blue&White G3

I'm trying to boot kernel-image-2.6.6-powerpc, version 2.6.6-2, on a
Blue&White G3. It crashes during the initrd, with pivot_root complaining,
"No such file or directory," and subsequent complaints about failing to
open /dev/console and a failure of init.

Looking at the hardware detection, I got:

 ide0 --> Apple Heathrow ATA (notices IRQ 13)
 hda --> Matshita CR-589 (CDROM)

But, when I boot with 2.4, I get

 ide0 --> CMD646 (notices IRQ 26)
 ide1 --> CMD646
 hda --> Quantum Fireball EX12.7A
 ide2 --> Apple Heathrow ATA (notices IRQ 13)
 hde --> Matshita CR-589

I added 'cmd64x' to /etc/mkinitrd/modules, rebuilt the initrd for 2.6.6,
and reooted. Now I get

 ide0 --> Apple Heathrow ATA (notices IRQ 13)
 hda --> Matshita CR-589
 ide1 --> CMD646 (notices IRQ 26)
 ide2 --> CMD646
 hdc --> Quantum Fireball EX12.7A

So, if I boot 2.6.6 with root=/dev/hdcN, then everything works fine
(except, of course, that fstab is broken).

Why doesn't it find the CMD646 automatically? Why do the drives get
numbered in a different order?

Thanks for your time,

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