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kopete 0.8.2 cannot find plugins on powerpc

Hi all,

Previously I had kopete 0.7.2 installed which I build complete from
source. Quit a job but worhtwhile the effort. I had to do this because not all required packages were not available or not stallable for my PowerBook G4 at that time.

Now I've noticed that my system was finally able to install kopete from
powerpc/testing. But after is was installed it has a problem finding the plugins like msn

After installation it gives:
$ kopete --version
Qt: 3.2.3
KDE: 3.2.2
Kopete: 0.8.2
 So that's all oke, but now it cannot find the plugins for msn, etc. I
tried setting in /etc/kderc this


and running kbuildsycoca but still no luck, while the files are here:


Anyone have some pointers for me? Should this run out of the box, or are
there perhaps settings from my previous installation from source that
force it so search somewhere else?



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