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2.4.26 from kernel.org or from benh tree ?


is it still "mandatory" to use Benjamins 2.4 repository or have all (or mostly 
all) patches been applied to 2.4.26/27 ?

As I can see from this list, most of the effort is going into 2.6 now, which 
is good, but I still want to use 2.4 on my ibook for a while. (And for 
various reasons I want to build it by myself.)

http://www.penguinppc.org/dev/kernel.shtml still says that the benh tree is 
the stable tree, but this page also talks about kernel 2.5, so I believe that 
page is outdated. (I will send them mails asking to corrrect the page when 
this question has been answered.)


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