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Re: Re: X problem on ibook G4

d'oh my bad:)  X is now working on my ibook 2004.  I
had forgotten that I had commented out "UseFBDev" in
my XF86Config-4 file.  

So the patch from Ben does work.  I am happily
writting this from KDE:)

I'll be posting my config steps to soon.



--- gibson_andrew_guard-ppclist@yahoo.com wrote:
> Pierre:
> According to Ben, you don't need to patch in the
> section
> @@ -2129,7 +2131,31 @@ in radeon_base.c
> it's for a seperate problem apparently.  
> That avoids the need for making new definitions
> but...I found I still can't get things to work...I'm
> still trying though and when I get my setup working
> i'll post a description of everything that needs to
> be
> set for X to work.
> cheers
> andrew

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