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Re: Dim video on a G3

Em Wed, 12 May 2004 12:47:44 +1000, Greg Hamilton escreveu:

> Try booting MacOS and check the display settings there.

	Will do.  Unfortunately it will take some days until I go back
to that computer.

	Perhaps zapping the PRAM... what was that, Cmd-Opt-P-R?

> Does the monitor by chance have a brightness control? I could tell
> you a funny story about a guy, a new sound card, the sound drivers,
> two weeks of kernel recompilations and head scratching and the
> volume control on the external speakers.

	I think I have a similar issue, but then my speakers must have
some kind of magic controls.  But this is OT, a x86 system.

	OTOH back to on-topic, I tried turning brightness way up.  I
could see some text on the screen, but the background was nearly as
clear as the text.

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