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Newbie ibook sarge install

First, hello. I'm new to Apple hardware, newish to debian and moderately 
competent with Linux. I'm not feeling very competent atm however.

The system is an ibook 900Mhz. I am trying to install Debian testing as the 
only OS using the boot CD and a network install.

i have at least one problem but maybe more. They are as follows:
	1.) apple_bootstrap partition not created.
	2.) No installable kernel.
	3.) umount error of /dev/pts and /dev/shm

1.) apple_bootstrap
The error on partition creation states that no newworld boot partition exists 
even if it does. I don't know whether I've been trying to do the right thing 
but this has been reported before (judging by Google searching) so I won't 
waste your time with a description of my various attempts. Can anyone tell me 
in step-by-step idiot speak how to get past this stage?

I attempted to carry on regardless and came up against the following:

2.) No installable kernel
Sorry I can't reproduce the error in order to state the message exactly but it 
went along the lines of:
	"No installable kernel can be found in the apt-sources list. If you want to 	
	continue despite this unusual error......."

3.) umount of /dev/pts and /dev/shm
Carrying on with carrying on regardless I am now getting:
	"The debootstrap program exited with an error (return value 1).
	Check /var/log/messages or see virtual console 3 for the details"

cat /var/log/messages gives me:
	"umount /target/dev/pts: no such file or directory"
	and similar for shm, followed by various other errors in a similar vein.

How do I switch virtual consoles btw? ALT and a function key doesn't seem to 

Thanks for your time and (I hope) patience,


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