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Re: iBook G4 suspend

> > There's a patch floating around. As far as suspend-to-ram is
> > concerned, it's not a pmud problem but a kernel problem, and
> > I'm currently working on fixing that though I can make no
> > promise on possible success nor when it would
> > happen.
> You are working on fixing what? The SuspendToDisk/Ram or the
> normal Sleep code so that we can use a G4 like I use my G3? ;)

Fixing the suspend-to-ram (that is, the normal sleep code). Ben's work is
slowed down by the fact that no one knows how to reboot the radeon chip on
wakeup - ATI told him they'll give him the necessary informations, but as
they don't do it really fast (it was about 6 monthes ago), he's working on
another solution, involving extracting stuff from the MacOS X driver.

(if I understand everything correctly).


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