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Re: ibook g3 config

Did you have a look at our wiki :

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On Thu, 6 May 2004 10:51:16 +1000, 
Greg Hamilton gracefully wrote:
>I've installed Debian on a 500Mhz G3 iBook. For the most part 
>everything is working but I have a couple of problems I haven't been 
>able to adequately resolve that maybe somebody can help with.
>I can't get my fonts to look right in X11/Gnome. Most fonts are either 
>much too large or illegible and appear to be too wide/ not tall enough,
> like they've been squashed. Based on some Googling I've edited 
>/etc/X11/fs/config to use 75dpi instead of 100dpi and I've disabled 
>anti-aliasing for smaller fonts < 10. Emacs no longer takes up half the
> screen and is quite usable but most other apps still look terrible.

No idea

>Sleep doesn't work. The display dims after awhile and the backlight 
>turns off eventually. The backlight also turns off if I push the power 
>button, but the machine never actually goes to sleep. The pulsing sleep
> light doesn't come on and even when it looks like it's sleeping I can 
>still access it remotely so I knows it's not asleep. I suspect there's 
>a package I need to install or configure that I've missed.

Did you install pmud or pbbuttond ?

>I was previously running YDL 3.01 on this machine and this stuff all 
>worked so I know it's possible. Unfortunately it worked straight after 
>installing and didn't need to be configured so I have no idea where to 
It is definitely. I don't use gnome but everything else is working
perfectly here.


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