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Experienced quirks on iBook G4 1 GHz/Debian Installer Beta4

since I have not seen them in the errata, I'll list them here. If I
should file a "proper" installation report, I can do this.

*)video=ofonly is not, and cannot be set, for kernels used after
  Temporary solution: Explict yaboot command line including this parameter.
  (I just noticed that Colin Watson took care of this one)
*)No internationalized keyboards available. Only USB and mac. In Base
  config (later on) I was able to choose the german keyboard I have.
  No big deal if you know the american layout, and the "proper"
  installer needs few special characters (if at all).
*)Automatic LVM install fails but manual (on the shell) is possible;
  Once the PV and VGs are created, the install (e.g. mounting) works
  fine. Problem: lvm tools are not installed into the system, so after
  reboot all LVM partitions are invisible.
*)/etc/fstab is not configured (independently of LVM usage); making it
  difficult to boot if several partitions are used (I reproduced this
  with only one partition; here, however, fstab is strictly speaking
  not necessary).

Besides these (which took me quite a while because this is my first
PowerPC machine) the install went flawlessley and was very pleasant.

I can provide more details on each point if necessary for debugging.


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