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Re: iBook G4 swsusp status

A Dilluns 03 Maig 2004 19:53, Sylvain Joyeux va escriure:
> I managed to make it suspend. As you said, ohci_hcd crashes and
> therm_adt746x does not terminate, so one should rmmod them before.
> But I can't resume. After the kernel reboot, and just before INIT launch,
> the kernel complains
> PM: Reading pmdisk image
> PM: Resume from disk failed
> and after that, the swap lost its signature (is it the normal pmdisk
> behavior ?). I have to make mkswap before using it.

Have you added pmdisk=/dev/hdaX in your /etc/yaboot.conf? (where X is the 
number of the swap partition)

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