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Re: Volume keys in iMac flat panel

El lun, 03-05-2004 a las 11:29, -0300, Eduardo Trápani escribió:
> Hi,


> I'm trying to get the keycodes for the volume up and down keys without success.
> showkeys -s doesn't show any scancode for those keys, and neither does for F13-F15
> The kernel is 2.4.25-ben, linux-keycodes seems to be on (zgrep 'keycode *1 =' /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz) and in Xfree the keyboard is macintosh.
> Is there any way to get those keys to work?  In fact, more than having the keycodes, I'd like them to return anything so that I can map them to the volume applet.
> Thanks, Eduardo.

Same problem here with the upcoming 2.6.5, I sent already a bugreport to
the package maintainer.


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