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ALSA volume is very low (was: Re: ALSA fails on powerbook alu)

linuxx <linuxx@jaya.dyndns.org> writes:

>> >> Hi all,
>> >> 
>> >> I've never been able to set up alsa on my laptop (pb G4 alu 15") but I
>> >> really want it now as I'd like to make some music (edit waves, mp3,
>> >> midi, etc)...
>> > Why you dont put everything inside the kernel ..... 
>> > Look al the config i put down.....
>> Thanks, someone else already helped me in private. I don't know why no
>> one answer on the list?! ;-)
> I forget the command to reply the list .... shift +L in mutt find now
> ... OOO .
>> By the way the problem I'm facing at the moment is: it seems alsa is
>> running but it's very low! gmix is at max but it's still low :-/
> Last week i have the same problem . Al the mixers tell me the volume IS
> full , but i have just a rustle , my problem was that master was off you
> can enable o disable a channel ,but this channel in the mixer appear
> with all the volume so try to enable with alsamixer , master and pcm
> both .

Attached is a screenshot... no channel is off and the sound is still
very low :-/

>> And I've not been able to reset the pram with <APPLE>+<ALT>+p+r :-/
>> Do you have any idea?
>> Many thanks for your help! ;-)

Arnaud Vandyck

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