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Re: GNOME 2.6 and /dev/pmu

> Assuming /dev/pmu is user writable by default is clearly incorrect.
> gnome-settings-daemon should run suid root, or fix /dev/pmu permissions at
> install time. Or use fblevel (suid root) to manipulate backlight. IMHO
> world writeable /dev/pmu constitutes too high a risk to consider the
> second option. Having gnome-settings-daemon run suid root might even be
> worse; use sgid and a special group perhaps?
> Please report this bug upstream (to the Gnome maintainers, or the Gnome
> team).

World writeable /dev/pmu isn't that bad. sleep is controlled by
CAP_SYS_ADMIN anyway, so you can only "listen" to PMU events and
control the backlight. So the worst thing a malign user can do is
switch your backlight off ... 

Unlike /dev/adb which allows to send PMU commands :) I know it's not
very consistent, most of that is historical stuff and needs to be
reworked. Help welcome :)


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