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Re: Sound Madness

On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 11:51, Dean Hamstead wrote: 
> anyway, the neat thing about it is that it detects when you plug
> something into the said output ports. now rather than just playing
> out of the headphones (like how my ibook does) it just merrily
> plays out of headphones and also speakers.
> now in alsamixer i have headphone detection as on or muted.

What about auto mute? (Note that I find gnome-alsamixer much more
convenient than alsamixer, especially with toggles set to checkboxes in
the preferences)

> now whenever i plug in headphones, regardless of this setting
> the sound volumes change seemingling randomly. i play with
> various other available levels but alas i cannot achieve
> audio just out of my headphones

Sounds like an ALSA bug, please report it to them.

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