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Re: (subtitle: Britannia Rules the Waves)

I avoided the temptation to apply to your obvious troll, the first time I saw 
it, but seeing as this has turned into a thread, I have more motivation to 
respond, if just to try to put the matter to sleep.
> Absolutely, but the reason for my "diatribe" was the tone of admonition in
> Mr Pye's note.  Netiquette is if you can provide help, do so, otherwise
> stay quiet and do not use capital letters to pile on the advice seeker's
> agony.

Fortunately, I do not have to listen to anybody else's wonderful suggestions 
as to how to respond to posters.

 Seeing as you could offer neither help, nor any kind of advice, even if 
harshly worded request to use English, and demonstrate some kind of 
intelligent thought in phrasing the question, to the original poster, surely 
your post is more redundant than mine?

> Here is what David Pye wrote:
> > c) Even ignoring a and b, you have given insufficient information for
> > anyone to even ATTEMPT to guess what your problem might be.
> If someone has "given insufficient information" for the problem to be
> diagnosed, you could - if you have an idea - indicate what further
> information is required.  If you have no clue, do not admonish, someone
> else might be able to provide help.  If information is insufficient "for
> anyone to even ATTEMPT to guess what [the advice seeker's] problem might
> be", the poor mug will get no response at all from anybody!  I understand
> no French myself, so I could not have provided help on this occasion even
> in the unlikely case I knew the solution.

Unlike you, I am more than able to understand what the poster said, and the 
general uselessness of his question is what actually irritated me, *FAR* more 
than that it was in French. Had it been a well-written post in French, I 
might even have decided to reply to it, rather than point out the posters' 
lack of netiquette.

If more information was needed, then again, some suggestions might have been 
offered. But for someone to be deluded enough to think that "My network 
doesn't work. Can anyone advise?" is sufficient information, then they 
deserve what was, based upon net tradition, a fairly mild admonishment ;)

>     I am a sole Apple Mac user and it is a debian-powerPC list, and even
> Debian on a Wintel machine is not relevant to me or to this list, and
> neither Iraq nor Anglo-American colonial pursuits can even remotely be
> construed to have a relevance here, but I suspect Mr David Pye's wrath was
> about the use of the French language, and wrath has no place in this list
> either.  If the language used in a particular posting is inappropriate, it
> is for the custodians of the list to take it up with the poster.

I dont have any dislike of French - I suspect your paranoia is caused by some 
other reason, which I have no intention to delve into here.   It appears 
obvious to me by your distinctly odd and politically charged reply that you 
lack familiarity with the internet mailing lists, and their general standard 
of discussion, or debate.

I speak reasonable French, and have no dislike of it whatsoever, and in this 
case, you are better off keeping your mistaken 'suspicions' of people's 
intentions to yourself. Rather than flagging up my suspected prejudice, you 
have rather more revealed your own.

> -- Ashesh Kumar Datta

Anyway, as a suggestion I spotted in a previous post pointed out:

Adolf Hitler

Godwin's law.

Seeing as this discourse moves in no direction towards Debian PPC greatness, 
let's leave it to rest.


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