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Rev A iMac modem problems

Trying to get my Rev A iMac running Woody properly gave me a headache so
I took a week off to paint the house.

Then I used 'tasksel' to install the basic X desktop so that I could get
my HP DeskJet 840C printer working.
Another nightmare! KDE took over completely so I had to remove it, and
xdm, and gdm.

My modem refuses to work.
It is possible that some of the modules I have loaded in the kernel are

lsmod gives me this:-
Module 		Size Used by Not tainted
serial		53224	0	(autoclean)
isa-pnp		36968	0	(autoclean) [serial]
lp			7936	0	(autoclean)	
parport		30624	0	(autoclean) [lp]
usb-storage		47368	0	(unused)
printer		6768	0
hid			21124	0	(unused)
dmasound_pmac	47114	0	(unused)
dmasound_core	13640	0	[dmasound_pmac]
soundcore		4840	0	[dmasound_core]
irtty			7232	0	(unused)
irda		108484	0	[irtty]
macserial		39364	0
i2c-dev		4756	0	(unused)
i2c-core		14776	0	[dmasound_pmac i2c-dev]
rtc			1792	0	(autoclean)

I have used pppconfig,
wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf,
I have looked at /etc/ppp/peers/provider and /etc/chatscripts/provider.

None of it makes the modem work.
The modem is on /dev/ttyS0.

Interestingly wvdialconf used to be able to find the modem on /dev/ttyS0
even if it could not make it work.
After installing X and sorting that mess out wvdialconf can't even find
the modem.
I have written up everything I have done to make my iMac work and it has
turned into a 10 page manual so I can easily trash everything and start
the install again from the beginning if I have to.

So, if anyone can tell me step-by-step what I do to get the modem
working that would be good.

Dave Turner

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