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Re: airport problem

topper wrote:


I ve got an apple powerbook G4 with an apple airport (not extreme) inside.
I've got all modules compiled and loaded (hermes, orinoco and airport)
The card seems to be properly configured, and i even receive dhcp informations from my wireless router ---> iv got an ip and the router sees me. But unfortunately, i can not have access to internet, i can not even ping the router. This is not a problem of firewall (on my computer) and i have the default route to my router for my card (eth1) as given by the router

What is the output of iwconfig and ifconfig? Also, are you *sure* it is not a firewall problem? I have been having a similar problem with my computer with ipmasq (which I installed for Mac-on-Linux to use) when I am connected to WEP enabled access points. Have not figured it out yet, but it works fine when WEP is not enabled or ipmasq is removed.

I don t see what s wrong....

Can someone help me?



Good Luck,

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