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Re: GNOME 2.6 and /dev/pmu

Le Sun, Apr 18, 2004 at 01:47:57PM +0200, Michel Dänzer a écrit :
>On Sun, 2004-04-18 at 03:43, Lucas Moulin wrote:
>> I'm writing to this list since I know some of you are already using
>> GNOME 2.6 from experimental on your PPC machines.
>Yep, and building and uploading them as they come along. :)

Hehe :) I stole shared-mime-info from your site actually ;)
>> Well, I made the upgrade today, and everything's working fine, except
>> that everytime I log in GNOME, I get a dialog box saying : "permissions
>> on /dev/pmu are broken". Permissions are set as follows :
>> $ ls -l /dev/pmu
>> crw-------    1 root     root      10, 154 2004-04-14 16:48 /dev/pmu
>> I'm using GNOME up-to-date, kernel 2.4.25-ben1, gdm to log, and
>> pbbuttonsd up-to-date. In fact, I didn't get this message in GNOME 2.4,
>> and I don't see any problem in 2.6 so far. I'd just like to know why I
>> get this error message.
>It's probably from the acme code, which is now integrated into
>gnome-settings-daemon from the capplets package. IIRC it needs to access
>/dev/pmu for backlight control.

So you're getting this message too ? Is there any way to tell acme code
to not show the error message every single time ? Well, it's not that
big a deal, but still, it's annoying. Should I file a bug as soon as
GNOME 2.6 enters unstable or for upstream ?

Lucas Moulin <lucas at brebis dot org>
"When one makes twenty million, ten thousand people lose" - NOFX

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