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Re: Sleep or Gnome Volume bug?

On Sat, Apr 17, 2004 at 03:14:13PM -0400, Brady Jarvis wrote:
> What is strange is that gnome-applets version 2.4.2-5 has been in
> unstable for a month now.  And as of yesterday gnome-applets 2.4.2-6 has

Some additional information:
- I'm using pbbuttonsd 0.5.10
- a friend of mine, with the very same setup too with the signifcant
  exception of using kernel 2.4.x doesn't experience the bug
- I've just tried putting the laptop to sleep using the sleep key insted
  of closing the cover. This revealed that the crash is reported during
  the status change wakeup -> sleep and not the other way round. The
  gnome crash dialog indeed appears before the laptop enters sleep mode


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