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Re: Airport on Debian

Sorry for the slow response, I went off line for a few days. udev/plug-n-pray broken in unstable and it took me down.

Quentin Decavel wrote:
Le 13 avr. 04, à 23:31, Sam George a écrit :
qdecavel wrote:

Thanks for your answer, but what if iwconfig tells me
that there is no wireless extension ?

Let me see... are the modules loaded? My Pismo uses `airport`, `orinoco`, and `hermes`. If I don't have the modules loaded I get the same error. Do you know about the modutils scripts in debian?

Well I think so, I explicitly demanded these modules when I built my new kernel. I also looked at /etc/modules, and it tells airport is loaded during the boot.

do `lsmod` to confirm that.

In modules.conf I have `alias eth1 airport`, and airport loads orinoco and hermes all by its self. The I run:

The only alias of airport that I have in modules.conf points to "irda-dongle-6" :-(
Is there still some hope that I can manage to configure airport ?

Of course :) You can always load and check them by hand. Here's the short list:

modprobe airport
iwconfig eth1 key 1A1A-1A1A-1A
dhclient eth1

Does it work now? Of course, you need the encryption key for your network, or if the 'nets not encrypted you can just leave that command out.

lsmod shows you which modules are currently loaded.
`modprobe airport` would load the airport module.
`rmmod airport` would unload the module.
`rmmod airport orinoco hermes` unloads all three.


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