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Re: status of IBM 970 BladeCenter and Debian?

On Fri, 2004-04-16 at 11:30, Jim Prewett wrote:
> Hi, Does anyone know how well Debian plays with the IBM 970 BladeCenter?  
> I've been told that SUSE is doing OK on it, and is being recommended by
> IBM, but that would mean running SUSE, eeew!  ;)
> Any information anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.  (any
> successes?)  I may be purchasing one of these systems and I would *really*
> like to use Debian :)

It mostly depends wether you want 32 or 64 bits environment. The debian
installer and kernels don't work on the js20, but you can have a working
debian 32 bits userland with a custom kernel on a js20 (even a 64 bits

The problem right now is, I _THINK_, that debian has no clue about biarch
setups (for mixes 32/64 bits environment)


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