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Re: XFree86 Bug with Dual Monitors?

Not to make an issue out of this but for new users to Linux the amount
of information and its relevance to "their" concern is very difficult to


On Mon, 2004-04-12 at 23:46, David Pye wrote:
> I think it is offensive to these people to suggest that a little use of google 
> is beyond them.....
> David
> On Monday 12 April 2004 14:27, Sylvain Joyeux wrote:
> > I begin to understand why some new linux people prefer going back to
> > windows ...
> >
> > On such a technical mailing list as debian-powerpc, searching an
> > information is far from begin simple for non-linux-aware people.
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> > Sylvain Joyeux
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