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Re: instalation on a tricky 7500/100 with metabox G4


On   8 Apr, this message from Michael Jarosch echoed through cyberspace:
> First, the good news. My 7500/100 PowerMac, accelerated with a G4-Card, 
> only boots with Linux. The BIOS doesn't recognize any harddisk or
> cd-rom if the g4-card is plugged, just floppys. Think, it's the
> OpenFirmware's fault... (good work, Apple!)

Hmmm, I think I had the same problem. Have a look on this page:


or, more precisely, this topic:


The problem is with the SCSI driver. You can also try and plug your
internal SCSI chain on the external bus (just move the ribbon connector
on the motherboard).

> The Basic Debian-System (Woody 3.0r1) is installed, but quik can't be 
> installed. Don't know why, but installation ends with an error-message: 
> "Quik installation failed, you can't boot without a bootdisk!" 
> Fortunately, the debian-installer-program can't create a bootfloppy on 
> powerpc-machines, you know.

I boot my 7600/G3 with quik, so it can be done. But you might have to
use the quik first-stage from here:




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