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Re: MSNBC_Auto_Response: Thank you for contacting TODAY with Katie Couric and Ma

Dear Katie,  I realize  just how busy you all are. My name is Tony from Denver,CO. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting you and your assistant at the time (Nicolette Hewitt) when you stayed  at the hotel (TEATRO) for a  short time while you were reporting on the JonBenet Ramey case. We developed quite a nice friendship and you were quite pleased with all the services and extras I was responsible for. Ms Hewitt as well. Our photos still don the wall at the hotel as we took quite a few. Out of all the celebrities and important figures I've met, and there have been MANY, you by far made the biggest impact on my life. Unfortunately I'm unable to work anymore due to a serious,  maybe terminal illness  that has totally "interrupted", if you will, my life. But I'm a fighter and won't let this get the best of me. At least at this time. I have an excellent health team who believe in me and my spirits are great !! In early June I will be in New York (I'm from there) to make plans for moving back to be with my family. I was wondering what the procedure would be to be inside the studio as opposed to the Plaza. Could this be possible? It would be a dream come true for me to see you again and meet the others. The TODAY show is a total inspiration to me and I couldn't live without it. If my request is at all possible I would be grateful !  If phone contact is necessary from someone there, My # is 720/327/4041. Thank You and God bless you all.  Sincerely Yours ,  Anthony Giustani, Denver ,CO

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