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Re: X problem ibook 2.2

> > Bug reports make the maintainers' life easier (unless you happen to keep a
> > close tab on list gossip), I grant you that. But users are reluctant to
> > file bug reports - first of all, what package to file against, how do I
> > figure out the version, better ask on the list first. Oops, now that I've
> > reported this strange behavior to the list, why jump through more hoops
> > and file a bug?
>   reportbug kernel-image-2.4.25-powerpc-pmac, and i will sort out stuff.
> Not reporting bugs and expecting things to get fixed is illusionary,

It's still happening. And bugs _do_ get fixed without any involvement of
the BTS.

> A nice README.Debian in the kernel-image package would be read i guess.

Not likely, from my experience.

> > > am also working on a ppc64 toolchain, so we can get ppc64 power3 and
> > > power4 kernels, see Benjamins remark about abandoning ppc32 support for
> > > those in the not so far future.
> >
> > I recall he said that. Thanks for clarifying your priorities. Has anyone
> > else volunteered to start on ppc 2.6 kernel packages yet?
> I will, Jens has also started looking at this, and the plan was for he
> to comaintain the package with me. there is no kernel-source-2.6.5 yet
> though, as the plan is to jump to this one immediately.

OK; I'd have preferred to start with 2.6.3-benh though (2.6.5 rivafb fails
on the FP iMac, 2.6.3 I had got to behave). Since you've already got help
on this, no problem.


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