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Re: X problem ibook 2.2

On Wed, Apr 07, 2004 at 01:03:34PM +0200, Kiko Piris wrote:
> On 07/04/2004 at 12:42, Sven Luther wrote:
> >   reportbug kernel-image-2.4.25-powerpc-pmac, and i will sort out stuff. 
> > 
> > Not reporting bugs and expecting things to get fixed is illusionary, 
> Sincerely, I'm a bit surprised of your complaints about bug reports (and
> of this mini-flame too).

Well, not really complaints, i just want to be able to provide the best
possible quality powerpc kernel package for the upcoming sarge release.
I don't have powermac hardware though, so i cannot test on it, so it
would make only sense for you all to provide bug reports so the package
gets fixed (and yes, i have a bunch of year old bug reports against the
package, mostly ihnerited from the early 2.2 packages, but i hope to
close them bit by bit).

> 1.- That one needed Michel Dänzer dri-trunk modules to get dri in 2.4
> branch is *reeeeally old* news (very old, indeed). Not ppc exclusive
> btw.

Yeah, apart that a few month ago, Michel and Branden told me not to do
that anymore, but to use the kernel packages to provide those modules,
so ..

> 2.- Nobody was expecting anything. The OP was having troubles with X
> and/or agp. I simply pointed him what has been discussed many times
> here: 2.6 kernel drm is ok, 2.4 isn't (so: upgrade to 2.4 or get
> Dänzer's dri-trunk modules). Period.

Well, the right way would be, as i will do this week yet, apply the
patch Michel mentioned, and have the 2.4 packages fixed. Debian is not
in the habit of shipping broken software, and let the user do some
workaround stuff to get it fixed. Once sarge is shipped, you should be
able to insert the CD, boot the box, and do a clean install upto
perfectly working status.

> 3.- Nobody complained about it in this thread. Well yes, one person did
> it: You! ;-)

Like said, it is not really a complaint, but we have to understand, and
not only me, but all of us here, that if we want quality packages in the
debian/sarge release, we need to test them, and provide bug report for
things that don't quite work as they should, so we can fix them before
the sarge release.


Sven Luther

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