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Re: X problem ibook 2.2

> > Oooops! I just remembered that agpgart and/or radeon that come with 2.4
> > kernel is not recent enough for dri.
> Arg, how am i going to fix this kind of things if nobody fills a bug
> report about it ?

You seem to be following this list :-) So doesn BenH, BTW.

Seriously: 2.4 kernel agp support not being sufficient for stock xfree86
DRI (but for Michel Dänzer's DRI packages, if I recall right) has been
mentioned many times before The 'bug' is on the side of the user here.

What you _could_ do is write yet another FAQ explaining what 2.4 kernels
are expected to do (support ancient hardware well, period), and which 2.6
versions to try instead.


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