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Re: Problems with CD in 2.6.5

hi jim...

* jim altieri <jim@tweeg.net> [2004-04-07 09:12 +0200]:

>  I would like to play audio CD's on my powerbook.  It's a G3 500, with 
> Firewire.  A Pismo.  I'm running a very up-to-date sarge.
>  I have a couple of kernels booting, a 2.4.25, and a 2.6.5.  In my 
> 2.4.25, my system has no problem recognizing audio CDs in the drive.  
> But ALSA isn't working there.  In my 2.6.5 kernel, ALSA's working just 
> peachy, but almost no programs will speak to the CD player.  The only 
> one that does is KAudioCreator - a CD ripping program.  It sees the CD, 
> recognizes it, and finds info about it from CDDB.  But every other 
> program - Beep Media Player, Xine, and XMMS, can't even find the cd player.
>  My questions:
>    1) Is there some kernel option that I'm missing? My .config is below.


>    2) Where is the CD drive located? It's at /dev/cdrom, right? I think 
> my permissions are set OK on it, and to where it seems to link to at 
> /dev/hde.  I have group disk as the owner, and I am a member of that group.

mine is at /dev/hdc. but since kaudiocreator has no problems with it,
permissions should be ok (or is it somehow setuid root?)

>    3) Why would KAudioCreator see it, and no other program see it?

i made the experience that only xmms with the plugin xmms-cdread
can make the cd audible. gnome-cd (, for instance, can see the
tracks and downloads cddb info. but when playing, i cannot hear a thing.
to answer why others fail, i believe that the audio signal cannot be read
directly, because there is no "cable" from the cd-rom drive to the sound
chip. so some programs fail to handle that case. at least, i read
similar explanations in other list messages when talking about the current
alu powerbooks. do not take this explanation for granted, i am no expert in
that. :)

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