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Re: 2nd and 3rd mouse key with modifiers, vol+bright with fn

Am Sonntag, 4. April 2004 12:00 schrieb Joerg Sommer:
> Hi,
> is it possible to get the second and third mouse key with shift or
> control and the (first) mouse key? Is it possible to do this with xmodmap
> for X?

I don't know, sorry.

> I use more F1..F6 then brightness and volumn control. Is it possible to
> interchange the behaviour with fn that f1 without fn is f1 and f1 with fn
> is darker, f3 without fn is f3 and with is mute?

Yes. You could use the program fnset or pbbuttonsd for that. Fnset is part
of the apmud package I think.

  Best Regards

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