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Re: serial interface in iBook G4

Not that I want to start a flame war, but it looks to me like Apple has
started (a while ago actually) to behave a lot like standard white box
PC manufacturer, no?

Before the Powerbook G4 (TiBook) you could find dual USB bus, and dual
Firewire bus. No you have shared USB bus, shared Firewire bus,

What do you guys think? Is there any "proper" hardware laptop
manufacturer left (even Intel based)?


On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 14:12, Colin LEROY wrote:
> >So it means that without the linuxant drivers the modem appears
> >as a USB device?
> It doesn't even appear (the hardware is shut down). When modprobing the
> hcf* stuff, the modem gets woken up and briefly appears as a USB device -
> until the kernel spits an oops milliseconds later (using 2.6.4+ kernels,
> at least).
> >I though it was the I/O device controller which was reponsible for the
> >serial "appearance" of the modem, not the software.
> That would be too nice...

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