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Need Configuration help for 3.0r2 on Rev A iMac

It has been hard work but I now have a Rev A iMac dual-booting MacOS9
and Debian 3.0r2. I am using the 2.4.18-newpmac kernel. I have not
installed X windows. I have searched the mail archives and read many
emails, some helped (which is why I have a working system), and some
went right over my head...

The current list of problems is:-

1) CTRL-ALT-DEL causes system reboot. I have to type "shutdown -h now".

2) no modem. 
Can the internal iMac modem work under Debian?
Should I buy an external USB modem?
Should I buy something that fits on the Ethernet port?

3) I did have X windows working, but there was no way I could shut the
system down. I turned it off at the mains (bad thing!). Then I had to do
a complete re-install but chose not install X.
How do I setup X windows so that I can type "startx" or "initx" at the
prompt? I do NOT want X starting automatically.
How do I set it up so that I can shutdown X and get back to the prompt
so I can shut the system down?

4) how do I set up "sudo" so I can login as me and install stuff without
logging out and going back in as root?

5) Should I be using a later 2.4 or 2.6 kernel? I have no signs of the
display problems reported by other CRT iMac users.

I think that is enough for now!

Dave Turner  

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