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Problems with install on Power Mac G3 minitower

I've been having lots of problems getting woody installed on a Power Mac G3 minitower (300MHz processor, 128M RAM). Being an oldworld box, I can't boot it from CD. I tried installing from floppies, but that tended to mostly crash just after checking disk partitions on initial kernel load. I eventually downloaded the boot files and saved them on one of the two hard drives in an HFS partition, and managed to get the installer running using BootX.

The machine locks up during the installer process. Sometimes it crashes early in the piece, once it almost finished loading the base system when it crashed, but crash it always does. It's hard to tell exactly what causes the crash, but it seems to be complete (machine no longer responds to pings, keyboard, anything except the power switch).

Suggestions welcome. I've done lots of Debian installs on i386 boxes in the last eight years, and my main work machine is Debian on Alpha, so I do have a fair bit of Debian experience. But this is my first attempt at using Linux on a Mac, and I've never really been a Mac person, so there's probably a lot I don't understand about them.

I'd try installing sarge (all my other boxes run sarge), but after reading the last couple of months worth of archives from this list, I think it might be best to start off simple (unless someone has a good HOWTO somewhere).



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