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Re: booting from usbstick

Hi Jens!

thx. i have done this and kind of like it. but i really would like to
boot from USB-stick. must be possible somehow, as openfirmware can also
boot from usb-external drives - right?
and i do not have access to my other pc when i have time to spend on


* Jens Schmalzing <j.s@lmu.de> [2004-03-22 08:55:

> From: Jens Schmalzing <j.s@lmu.de>
> Subject: Re: booting from usbstick
> To: Klaus Ita <debian-subscriber@worstofall.com>
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> Reply-To: Jens Schmalzing <j.s@lmu.de>
> Hi,
> Klaus Ita writes:
> > i wanted to help the d-i guys a little but having to burn a cd everytime
> > they have a new installer (daily) might not be a goable solution to me.
> If your Mac supports it and you have a second box, set up netbooting.
> I vaguely remember seeing related information on the d-i site, and I
> can also send you my configuration files, just drop me an email.
> Regards, Jens.
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