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Re: Sarge/beta-3 on a RS6000/7025-F50 (PPC 604e, CHRP)

Hi all,

The way I installed the F50 was quite a hack so I
don't think you should document this.

My humble opinion on the installation process as I
don't see the whole picture on other h/w.

The initiative is to create a CD installer so most of
the needed data should be there.
The initrd size is limited and should hold as much as
possible drivers for storage (scsi, ide, floppy...)
When need to the network the module will be loaded
from the cdrom.
The initrd should be able to create also a PReP
After mini root installation just before the boot, the
initrd should check if PReP partition exists and dd
the kernel image to it with instruction on what to
change on the OF.
After the full installation the installer should dd
the new kernel ot yaboot!!!

As it is intended to be multiplatform CD it should be
pure ISO and the various kernels and kernels+initrd
under the CDs /.

BTW: I've played a little with the PReP partiton. It
works only if it's 4MB on /dev/sda1.

Whatever will be decided on the installation process
I'm donating my box to the science so if you need to
check this process please ask.


--- Rick Thomas <rbthomas55@pobox.com> wrote:
> On Saturday, March 20, 2004, at 01:22 AM, Sven
> Luther wrote:
> >
> > Ok, copying to debian-boot, since this is most
> relevant there, and to
> > rick thomas, which  volunteered to help with
> installation manual. Rick,
> > this is a boot method on a chrp-rs6k ibm box. I
> don't know if you are
> > familiar with these boxes, but just keep this mail
> until we are 
> > ready to
> > write documentation for it.
> >
> > Anton, copying you since i was not sure you would
> read this, and i want
> > your feedback on the possibility of creating a
> PReP boot partition.
> I know of the existence of the PREP and CHRP flavors
> of 
> OpenFirmware. I've even had occasion to install a
> few SGI mips and 
> IBM rs/6k boxes that use them.  I don't remember any
> details (it 
> was a long time ago) so I'll have to rely on other's
> experiences 
> for anything I put in the PPC manual about them. 
> So: Please 
> provide detailed and clear descriptions of anything
> you want to get 
> into the user manual.
> Enjoy!
> Rick
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