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[ybin] kernel 2.6 "too old" - solution


It is surely well known problem:

# ybin
ofpath: WARNING: Your kernel is too old for proper support, device may be 
# uname -r

After reboot and choosing "Linux" I got a white screen and the system stopped. 
I did not found any solution of that problen searching the web so I decided 
to find one by myself.

Maybe it is not a discovery and some people may find it obvious. I just write 
it here with hope to make it able to find ;)


a) The CD is used is sarge-powerpc-netinst beta2 (2004/01/14 15:22)
b) I have the system installed from that CD and upgraded to sid, width 2.6.3 
kernel compiled.

The solution is:

1. Boot the system from a CD (holding a C-key after the tone)
2. Choose "expert" option at "boot:" prompt
3. Run a shell
4. Mount Your "normal" root partition to /floppy ;)
	in my case:
	# mount /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part4 /floppy
5. Chroot Your "normal" root
	# chroot /floppy
6. Mount /proc (ybin needs it)
	# mount /proc
7. Do what must be done ;)
	# ybin

NOTE: ybin will read the {chroot}/etc/yaboot.conf

I hope someone will find it useful.

Michał Roszka

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