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cpu speed and OF upgrade


I have a 1 GHz G4, tibook with osX 10.2.6 and debian
woody, but it suffered a video card failure (ATI
9000M). Apple replace the whole board, so all is new.
They don't touch the HD (or at least that told me).

Today i picked up my box, and can't boot linux. it
goes directly to osX, i tryed to boot knoppix, but it
just turn off the box. (OF upgrade i guess)

I boot pressing option key, so it gave me all the boot
partitions, i tried to boot linux, but turn off the
box. (OF upgrade confirmation)

I did the same, but this time i booted with and old
kernel (2.4.18), the default install kernel. Then i
recompiled my actual kernel (2.4.21-ben2), but without
CPU overclocking, then i installed that kernel and

Now all is working as if nothing happened, but at 666
If i try to boot with my old kenrnel (with support to
CPU overclocking) it just turn off the box.
Is there a way to get back the cpu overclocking?
I need to recomplie another kenrnel? what kernel? 2.6
series? need to update yaboot?


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