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Re: Problems with keyboard

It's because by default (I believe) your fonction keys (F1 F2...) are
mapped to the volume control, mute...

You need to change this setting, I believe fnset does exactly this. Use
it as root (sudo fnset)

I can switch from one console to another one using alt + F1 (don't even
need ctrl anymore), but when I switch back to X (alt + F9) I need to use
ctrl to switch back. don't ask me why...

Anyway, that should solve your problem


On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 11:38, Gorka Etxebarria wrote:
> 	Hi, again, i have a good keyboard configuration for my system now, but i have 
> one problem when i want to switch to console1 or other console from X-windows 
> system. On my other machines, X86 arquitecture, i have this action pressing 
> Ctrl + Alt + F1, but in the powerbook i must to press fn+ctrl+option+command, 
> and not always work well.
> 	Anybody has a problem like that?.
> 	Regards
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