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Re: Woody on G4 SnakeBite

On (17/03/04 12:21), Massimo Cogo wrote:
> Hi All
> I want install Debian Woody on a Power Macintosh G4 dual 450 (other spec. on
> http://www.theapplemuseum.com/index.php?id=tam&page=personal&subpage=pmg4_gi
> gabit&skin=specs).
> Anybody knows particular problem?
> Tia.
> Massimo
Hi Massimo

I have the same machine and currently run sid (unstable) but started
using debian woody early last year - I upgraded to sid in December.

I would recommend the hard disk boot installation:
4.4.2 Hard Disk Installer Booting for NewWorld Macs

Once you've done the install certain things like sound are quite tricky
to get going (searching the archives for last year should yield some
clues).  The major leap forward I made was after using the benh kernels.
Ben has performed some magic in providing kernels that make Macs much
more useable - thanks Ben ;)

See the thread : Recompiling Kernel on G4 PowerMac Gigabit dual 450Mhz
on debian-powerpc


FWIW I love my G4 running Debian - it rocks ;)

Have fun!



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