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Re: Mol configuring issues

dotto@uchicago.edu wrote:
Mol runs on my Tibook IV, but at startup the screen has a bluish green tint. Anyone know what config file I have to tweak to fix this?

I'm guessing you're running it in X, using 16bpp depth? Unfortunately, you have 3 options.

 (a) use 8bpp mode in MacOS,
(b) use 15bpp mode in X (dunno if DRI will work, but X has been in my experience less than friendly about 15bpp depth), or
 (c) use 24bpp mode in X.

The problem is that MacOS wasn't written to handle video modes where the color bitfields differ in size, so it assumes 16bpp is really 15bpp - so the colors end up way out of whack in X under MOL in 16bpp mode.

Derrik Pates

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