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Debian ppc64 Port?

Hi Tom,

I have a ppc64 system with Debian woody(32 bit ppc port). I have updated my kerenl with 2.6.3. Debian provides only 32 bit ppc port as of now. I would like to build 64 bit XFree86 from the latest source (XFree86 4.4). I have a 64 bit toolchain. My Linux kernel is also 64 bit kernel.

Is there any way to build 64 bit XFree86 for my system. Is there any patch for this? 

Can I get ppc64 bit XFree86 binaries for debian?

I see lot of discussions going on for developing ppc64 debian port. I would like to know the status of ppc64 bit port of Debian?

Thanks in advace.

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