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Re: 2.4.25 kernel: suspend causes freeze on iBook2

Look at Joe Malik Page

The basic idea is to restart alse a second time. I know it's weird !

This can easily be done at startup with linking /etc/rc?.d/S20alsa on 
/etc/init.d/alsa2, which is the following script : 


case "$1" in
                /etc/init.d/alsa start
                /etc/init.d/alsa stop
                /etc/init.d/alsa start
                /etc/init.d/alsa $1

Hope it helps

On Sun, 14 Mar 2004 17:29:11 +0100, 
Marc Menem gracefully wrote:
> > Why don't you use benh's  2.6.3/4 kernel ?
> > I'm using it and everything is fine.
>Thanks, it works fine. I can now use my ipod :) and still
>suspend/resume my ibook.
>But I had to switch to alsa, and the volume control is not geting loud 
>enough. Even at
>maximum volume, the sound stays low. Did anyone have this problem ?


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