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Re: zsh and functionkey

On Sat, 13 Mar 2004 the mental interface of 
Elimar Riesebieter told:

> Hi all,
> after my last sid update the fn+home and the fn+end key gives me the
> acsiitilde ~ on (comnsole|vt)-screen. This happens only when using
> the zsh. Entering vi, less or others gives the correct behavior
> means go to line (start|end). Working withe the bash gives normal
> behaviour. Switching back to zsh 4.0.9 doesn't help. Even not with
> ignoring my .zshrc-files.
> $TERM = linux
> pbbuttons-server installed
> pmud installed
I figured out the new libncurses5-5.4 are responsible for that
behaviour. I switched back to 5.3.20030719-5 and the fn+home and
fn+end keys are working as they should. Hmmm, should I report a bug?



  >what IMHO then?
  IMHO - Inhalation of a Multi-leafed Herbal Opiate ;)
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