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Re: Replacing airport extreme with another mini pci card


Michel Dänzer a écrit :
On Sun, 2004-03-07 at 22:40, Sjoerd Simons wrote:

After some research i found out that an airport extreme is a mini-pci card, so it could theoretically be replaced with a working one. Has anyone
 ever tried this ?

It this is true, I perhaps have found some informations. See above.

AFAIK Mini-PCI isn't nearly as standardised as PCI (yet), so I'm afraid
this won't work.

I mean the problem is : is the airport extreme completely "pin per pin" mini-pci compatible with the standard...The ways is I recently have found some mini-pci wifi cards encapsuleted in pci card. A couple of solutions are existing (for example ):

Producer	|	Model     |    Chipset
Gemtek      		WL850        Prism GT

GlobalSun Tech    	GL2454 MP    Atheros
""    ""    		GL2454MP-OT    TI

NDC        		NWH3050        TI

Sparklan    		WL-850 F    Prism GT
""    ""    		WL-558        ""    ""

USI       		MP-AG-AT-01(3B)    Atheros

ZCom        		XG600        Prism GT

FYI : all the above references are coming from : http://www.linux-wlan.org/docs/wlan_adapters.html.gz

So reading this (not realy complete :-) )list, another problem arrives : are the existing solutions available with powerpc architecture ? ...because the most often used "workaround" is to use the "ndiswrapper" (not for me)solution. The use of the window-drivers ndiswrapper is not possible with powerpc arch.

I'm not sure, but the only "candidate" seems to be the Prism GT chipset, but I can be wrong.

Two days ago I've asked on #prism54 channel irc.freenode.org , but none gave me any answer :-/

Of course, every comment is welcome :-)

With best regards,

Eric Bachard

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