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Re: MergedFB on ibook

> Has anyone ever come up with a more or less clean patch for that? Would
> that be sane default behaviour, or should it only be enabled by an
> option?

I'd say add an option "UseFWPLL" or something like that. When set,
probe the value of PPLL_REF_DIV and PPLL_DIV_n (where n is whatever
PPLL is selected in CLOCK_CNTL_INDEX low byte).

Then, set the existing:

 - info->UseBiosDividers = 1;
 - info->RefDivider (whatever is in PPLL_REF_DIV)
 - info->FeedbackDivider = (PPLL_DIV_n & 0xffff);
 - info->PostDivider = (PPLL_DIV_n >> 16);

Once that's set, the driver will use the existing x86 "BIOS divider"
bypass when setting mode and will use those values. 


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