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Re: pmud problem: No Sleep support on this hardware, exiting!

> > :-( That's all been on a flat panel iMac, though - we'd need same
> > information from a laptop user.
> I have the same error message on my powerbook 1GHz:
> pmud [treshold = 420, margin =15] started
> PMU Version 12: iBook/G3 Pismo/G4 Titanium
> No sleep support on this hardware, exiting!
> daemon stopped (missing sleep support)
> Just tell me what to do to help.

Boot into MacOS X, open a shell and run the command "ioreg -p IODeviceTree
-l -x -w 512000 > ioreg.out and send me the resulting file. Also,
determine the OF device name of your graphics chip (should be something
like/dev/pci@f0000000/NVDA,NVMac@10), boot into OF, run the commands

dev <OF device name above>

and make note of any entry covering more than a few hundred bytes.


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