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Re: Bug#234062 blender crashes xserver

On Mon, 2004-03-01 at 14:32, Vincent Bernat wrote:
> OoO Peu avant  le début de l'après-midi   du lundi 01  mars 2004, vers
> 13:00, Michel Dänzer <daenzer@debian.org> disait:
> >> I get easily reproductable crash of  your X server.  For example, if I
> >> close gaim when  there is still some  tabs open, the  X server crashes
> >> one time out of 5. I am now just careful to first close all tabs, then
> >> quit gaim. It happens ont  both x86 and powerpc.
> > Have you tried playing with the font renderer modules, in particular not
> > loading the freetype module?
> Yes, I don't use either freetype or xtt. I have installed xfs-tt and
> use it exclusively. For the moment, I just avoid to close gaim "too
> fast" and it works fine.

That's not a solution of course...

Assuming it still happens with 2004.02.28-1, can you try running the X
server remotely within gdb, and then for each unknown address in the
backtrace do

call LoaderPrintSymbol(0xXXXXXXXX)

and look up the output at the end of the server log?

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Libre software enthusiast    |   http://svcs.affero.net/rm.php?r=daenzer

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