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Invalid memory access with recent benh-kernel

Hello Listmembers,

I try to run the recent benh-kernel (2.6.2-benh1) on my

when booting a message appears, the machine switches to openfirmware-
prompt and remains unusable.

the screen reads the following output:

.... ok
opening display /pci@f0000000/NVDA,Parent@10/NVDA,Display-B@1.. ok
copying OF device tree...done
&stext=0x01400000 phys=0x01400000 (result[0]=0xfffffff result[1]=0x00000010 )
Initializing fake acreen: NVDA,Display-A
Calling quiesce...
returning 0x01400000 from prom_init

Invalid memory access at   %SRR0: 0079016b  %SRR1: 79016b5a

The hardware:

PowerBook 17" 1GHz (1st generation, 1GB RAM)

A selfpatched kernel 2.4.22 (patches applied for dmasound and hfsplus)
is working without any problems.

Is a config-parameter missing?

Thanks in advance,

	Martin Alfke

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